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In the Beginning...

I started working with silicone in late 2012 and I have been hooked ever since! I have been researching and saving data for years for this venture. I finally got up the nerve and created my very first silicone kit, Dawson. All of my future editions will be much smaller than my last ones, because I am working by myself to sculpt, mold, pour, prep, paint and root all of my babies, with just a little help from Hubby with pouring from time to time.


My Standard of Perfection...

As with all silicone babies, my babies are hand crafted works of art, completely hand made by me and as such, they may have slight variations in their texture. They in no way detract from the beauty of them. I take great pride in my work and create each and every baby to the very best of my ability, leaving no detail overlooked! Each baby is triple sealed and double matted with the best of silicone mediums so they are as durable and as buttery soft as possible that never need powdering! NO ADDITIVES OR EXTENDERS ARE EVER ADDED TO MY SILICONE!!


---Terms and Conditions---

All of my finished babies will be hand made to your specifications (hair/skin etc)

I require a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit on ALL orders, whether it be a finished baby or a blank or painted kit

Creating each silicone baby takes a great deal of time and expense. I will work hard to have your baby finished and home to you in a timely manner. I will do my very best to keep you informed about the progress of your baby

I stand behind my work 100%

Due to each doll being specially ordered, no returns can be accepted

I have a very strict 3 month(for blank kits) and a 6 month (for painted kits and finished babies) layaway plan available. Failure to make your monthly payments without contacting me may result in the termination of your layaway as well as the loss of any payments made toward your doll/kit. Please let me know at the time you place your order if you will be using the layaway plan.

Please contact me at chellesbabies@hotmail.com if you have any further questions or concerns or if you would like to place an order.

What's New

Kit Baby Daisy - SOLD OUT


Baby Kennedy is my newest silicone kit baby. She is a chunky baby with full limbs and a cloth body. She is only available at this time as a blank kit. :D

Full Bodied Kennedy


I am So in love with this chunky little monkey! He is only my second full bodied silicone baby poured all in one piece, so I'm still learning how to perfect them. He is so soft and cuddly!

Beautiful AA Skintones


I have been working hard to create the most realistic AA and Biracial skin tones. I still have lots to learn, but I feel I am improving with every baby I create!


I have so many new babies in the works that I can barely contain my excitement. These are just a couple of the ones to come over the next few weeks!


Full Bodied Silicone Kennedy

All about Kennedy

I have to say...I have been overwhelmed with the response I have gotten with this baby! Thank you all so much! I am so thrilled! He is my ultimate dream baby! I've had my head in the clouds ever since I pulled him from his molds. I can't wait to take some better pictures of him and bring him to "life". These are either hotel pictures from the Kansas Doll Show or ones I quickly took of him right after he was "born" so they were not good at all!

Kennedy is poured in my own super soft blend silicone and will be available as a boy or girl. He weighs about 10 pounds and is 21" long. All babies, completed as well as blank kits, will have a stabilizer in the neck as well as the lower legs and a super soft tummy. The arm armatures are optional for an extra cost. The purpose of the stabilizers is to keep the super soft silicone from bending and stretching way out of proportion....they also offer peace of mind that the neck will fully support the weight of the head just in case it accidentally falls back. With this being said....it is still EXTREMELY important to support the head at all times! These babies are to be handled like you would a real newborn infant.

 This baby will be a very limited edition of 8-10 babies including the 2 artist proofs...4-5 of them will be completed by me, with the other 4-5 in blank kits. I have a rather long list of interested Mommies already, so I had to do some thinking on how I will go about his sales. 

 I have an awake head in the works that will also share this same body, which is why the asleep edition is so small. The awake edition will be the same, as long as the molds hold out. This sleeping baby is actually a full bodied version of my partial Kennedy, so if you have fallen in love with his face, please consider the partial version. My awake baby will also be available with the partial Kennedy limbs as well. I wish I had enough of this baby to share with everyone, but I have to keep the editions small due to the molds wearing out. I will post more information about him very soon!


Pricing for Blank Kits

The price for the full bodied blank kits will be $1650 plus shipping. The optional arm armatures will be an extra $100. I will have a 3-6 month layaway available for him with a non-refundable deposit of at least $500 due up front.

I will post more information on ordering procedure very soon. Everyone will have 7 days notice before I actually start his sales. I will set a date and time to start his sale, and the first 4-5 emails I receive who are able to pay the deposit will get them. I think this will be the most fair way to do it. I may have an extra BONUS baby at the end of the edition that I will auction, but for now, his edition is limited to 8-10 total. 

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Silicone Jaynie Artist Proof #1

After a very long wait...

I have waited for what seems like forever to finally see this baby in silicone and my wait is now finally  over! I started sculpting this baby almost 4 years ago just after my grand daughter was born. She is a very special baby because I have sculpted her to resemble my grand daughter at birth. She was SO worth the long wait! She is 22" long and has a fixed one piece neck. Her head turns easily from side to side, but has very little stretch due to a stabilizer placed deep inside her neck. She also has a soft inner core in her belly, armatures in her elbows and a drink and wet system. Even though she has a stabilizer in her neck, you should always make sure you support her head while handling her. ALWAYS handle her as you would a real newborn baby.

This baby is now available. Her price is $4800 plus shipping. I have a short 30 day layaway available for her with half up front and the other half due in 30 days. 

Cloth Bodied Kennedy

Only available as a blank kit at this time....


 Kennedy is around 19-20" long and will weigh around 8 pounds when assembled. She will be a limited edition of around 20-25, as long as her molds hold up. Her head is also used for my new full bodied baby and her limbs may share a new head very soon as well.

Kennedy will come with her silicone head and full limbs...all with rings attached for ease of movement. She will also come with a custom doe suede body made specially for her and a COA.

Click the link below for more ordering information.

Blank Kennedy Kits

Full Bodied Silicone Baby, Benjamin - SOLD OUT!!

Sweet Baby


Baby Benjamin is my second full bodied baby I have created and I am so hooked! He is a smaller newborn size measuring just under 19" and weighing around 7.5 pounds. I have sculpted him as a boy or girl in an awake and sleeping version.

Interchangeable Belly Stump/Button


I have sculpted Benjamin's belly with an interchangeable belly button/cord stump, so his Mommy can change them out if desired.

Benjamin's Newborn Little "Piggies"


I just love sweet little baby feet and these are the sweetest of sweet!

Video of Benjamin's Movement

Silicone Baby #7-SOLD OUT


Full Bodied Preemie Chloe

I am just smitten with this little girl! She is my very first attempt at a full bodied baby and even though I have lots to learn, I am very happy with how she turned out. She is a dainty 14-15" preemie. Her detailed mouth is sculpted open so she will be able to take a preemie pacifier. Her body was poured n one piece and her neck is ball jointed so she can easily turn her head. Her ball joint is very sturdy, so no need to worry about her head falling off. :D She can be poured in either Ecoflex 20 or 30 in a very limited edition of only 15 plus 1 artist proof and a possible BONUS baby at the end of her edition. She is available as a blank kit or finished baby on layaway only, as I am finishing up my last edition and will be a couple of months before I can start on any of these babies. 


Coming Home

Baby Chloe will wear micro preemie clothing and diapers. She can wear some preemie t-shirts that do not snap in the crotch. 

Baby Chloe's blank kits will come home with her head and body attached, a preemie pacifier, a Huggies or Pampers micro preemie diaper and a t-shirt or onsie of my choice to fit her. I also have sample paint kits available if you need one.

Custom Chloe babies will come home with a coming home outfit of my choice, an extra onsie/sleeper/gown, socks, preemie pacifier, diaper, hospital band, COA and a birth certificate.


Pricing and Info

Finished Chloe without rooted hair - $1300 plus shipping

Finished Chloe with rooted hair - $1500.00 plus shipping

Blank Chloe Kits - $600 plus shipping

Chloe's deposit will be $400 for a finished baby or $300 for a blank kit with a 6 month layaway available for the remainder. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!

Chloe's Movement Video