Silicone Kit Baby, Daisy - SOLD OUT



I would like to introduce baby Daisy to everyone. She has been a long time in the making, but she is finally ready to make her "debut". Don't mind her 2 toned clay in some of her pictures....this did not matter once she was made into silicone. The clay sculpt is just temporary. She is finally in silicone and I couldn't be happier with how she turned out. She is 19.5" long and has full limbs and a cloth body. She will also have an optional belly plate to fit her. All of her pricing and information is listed below.

Daisy's Newborn Facial Features


I sculpted Daisy's sweet little face with a puffy newborn look. I just LOVE how she turned out!

Daisy's Chunky Little "Piggies"


I just love sweet little baby feet and these are the sweetest of sweet!

Lilianne Breedveld Prototype Puck-Not Available

From Clay......


Lilianne Breedveld did an amazing job sculpting Puck's every little detail!

To Blank Silicone.......


Claire Taylor did a beautiful job of molding and pouring him into silicone form! He is so soft and squishy. 

To Finished Baby......


I then did my magic with painting and rooting him to perfection! I just LOVE the way this little guy has turned out!

Beautifully Detailed Hands


I painted Puck's little hands to mimic the look of a real newborn to the best of my ability.

Kissable Little Piggies


Oh so cute baby feet!

Ball-Jointed Neck


Baby Puck was sculpted with a ball jointed neck, so he can easily turn his little head from side to side.

Silicone Baby #7-SOLD OUT


Full Bodied Preemie Chloe

I am just smitten with this little girl! She is my very first attempt at a full bodied baby and even though I have lots to learn, I am very happy with how she turned out. She is a dainty 14-15" preemie. Her detailed mouth is sculpted open so she will be able to take a preemie pacifier. Her body was poured n one piece and her neck is ball jointed so she can easily turn her head. Her ball joint is very sturdy, so no need to worry about her head falling off. :D She can be poured in either Ecoflex 20 or 30 in a very limited edition of only 15 plus 1 artist proof and a possible BONUS baby at the end of her edition. She is available as a blank kit or finished baby on layaway only, as I am finishing up my last edition and will be a couple of months before I can start on any of these babies. 


Coming Home

Baby Chloe will wear micro preemie clothing and diapers. She can wear some preemie t-shirts that do not snap in the crotch. 

Baby Chloe's blank kits will come home with her head and body attached, a preemie pacifier, a Huggies or Pampers micro preemie diaper and a t-shirt or onsie of my choice to fit her. I also have sample paint kits available if you need one.

Custom Chloe babies will come home with a coming home outfit of my choice, an extra onsie/sleeper/gown, socks, preemie pacifier, diaper, hospital band, COA and a birth certificate.


Pricing and Info

Finished Chloe without rooted hair - $1300 plus shipping

Finished Chloe with rooted hair - $1500.00 plus shipping

Blank Chloe Kits - $600 plus shipping

Chloe's deposit will be $400 for a finished baby or $300 for a blank kit with a 6 month layaway available for the remainder. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!

Chloe's Movement Video

Silicone Babies 4-6


#6 - Bubby

I sculpted Bubby from a photo of my oldest son as a baby. This is my very first attempt at doing a portrait sculpt and I still have a LOT to learn, but I really enjoyed working with him. 

Bubby is a big boy at 22" long and weighs around 8-9 pounds. He is sharing my Polly limbs, cloth body and belly plate. His mouth is sculpted closed, but I created a detailed insert for the inside of his mouth so he is still able to take a pacifier and bottle. 

See gallery below for lots more pictures...


#5 - Polly

Baby Polly is around 20" long with full limbs and a custom cloth body I designed specially for her. Her mouth is sculpted open so she can take a pacifier or a bottle. Her edition size was 30 with 2 artist proofs  and 1 BONUS baby. She shares limbs, cloth body and belly plate with her brother, Bubby.

See gallery below for lots more pictures...


#4 - Hazel

Baby Hazel was named after my sweet Aunt Hazel, who was upset because she never had a baby girl named after her. She is 19" long and has full limbs and a cloth body. Her mouth is sculpted open, so she can take a full newborn pacifier for bottle. She is sharing the same limbs as her brother and sister, Penelope and Preston.

See gallery below for lots more pictures...

Silicone Babies 1-3


#3 - Preston

Preston was the 3rd baby I produced in silicone. He shares the same limbs, body and body plate as my Hazel and Penelope. He is a limited edition of 20 plus 1 artist proof. 

See gallery below for lots more pictures...


#2 - Penelope

This is my 2nd silicone baby I molded and poured in silicone. Her head was damaged in the molding process, so I had planned on keeping her an OOAK just for me. I managed to repair her mold, so I decided to make her a very limited edition of only 3. These 3 will be completed by me and listed for sale as they become available. She shares the same limbs as her brother, Preston and her sister, Hazel.

See gallery below for lots more pictures...


#1 - Dawson

Dawson was my very first attempt at molding and casting silicone. It was a challenge, but I am totally hooked! He is a mere 16" long and has 1/4 cuddly limbs and weighs around 3 pounds when assembled. I decided to do a limited edition of 25 kits and finished babies. He is now sold out and I am enjoying seeing all the different versions of him. Now that he is sold out....I am so missing working on him.

See gallery below for lots more pictures...