Custom Teddie Seiben

Such a sweet baby!


Teddie was sculpted by the very talented Bonnie Seiben. She did an amazing job on this little sweetie! I am very honored to have been able to bring this little girl to "life". 

Teddie's Facial Features


I just LOVE how Bonnie achieved the perfect newborn look on Teddie. She looks like she is just trying to figure things out!

Sweety pie!!


LOVE this baby girl!

Lilianne Breedveld Prototype Puck-Not Available

From Clay......


Lilianne Breedveld did an amazing job sculpting Puck's every little detail!

To Blank Silicone.......


Claire Taylor did a beautiful job of molding and pouring him into silicone form! He is so soft and squishy. 

To Finished Baby......


I then did my magic with painting and rooting him to perfection! I just LOVE the way this little guy has turned out!

Beautifully Detailed Hands


I painted Puck's little hands to mimic the look of a real newborn to the best of my ability.

Kissable Little Piggies


Oh so cute baby feet!

Ball-Jointed Neck


Baby Puck was sculpted with a ball jointed neck, so he can easily turn his little head from side to side.