My Clay Babies

I started sculpting clay dolls in 2006, just after trying my hand at reborn dolls. In the beginning, I was just trying to sculpt something resembling a baby, but they all ended up looking like little trolls instead! :D

Fortunately, my sculpting skills improved with every baby I created. All of the following babies have been hand sculpted entirely be me. No molds were ever used. They each started out as a ball of polymer clay and has been tediously transformed into sweet little babies. Each little crease and feature has been carefully sculpted to mimic a real live baby as closely as possible. Some of these babies were left as a OOAK clay baby and others were transformed by me into silicone babies.

Here are some of the babies I have sculpted so far and where they are now. I have a couple more that have not been photographed yet and a few others that I refuse to show you, LOL!!

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Baby #5 - Seth



Baby Seth was my 5th attempt at sculpting a baby. He is only 7.5 inches long and now lives in Staton Island, New York with his Mommy.

Seth's Tiny Little Feet


Oh so Sleepy...


Baby #4 - Caleb


Tiny little one.....

He is a mere 5.5 inches long, but has all of the detail of a full sized baby.



I have to say, even though he is tiny, I just love this baby so much!


My Forever Baby.....

I plan to keep this little one in my nursery forever!