Doe Suede Body Patterns

As most of my customers know, I will no longer be taking orders for custom doe suede bodies. I love making them for my customers, but I just don't have the extra time to keep up with all of the orders while also keeping up with my silicone doll sales. I will, however still be offering my doe suede body PATTERNS for those of you who are able to either make them yourselves or know of someone who can make them for you. I have 4 different packages available at this time for $20.00 each shipped anywhere in the world for the printed and mailed version, if you order them directly from me (not on Ebay). I also have all of them available in a PDF emailed version for $15.00 each. For a limited time, I am offering a discount if you purchase all 4 purchase the first 3 and the 4th one is free. 

If you are interested in placing an order, simply e-mail me at or you can sometimes see them on Ebay. 

Here is the link to my Ebay auctions. If they have already ended, just do a search of my completed listings to see them. I will have them relisted very soon. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



My printed and mailed patterns are printed out on regular copy paper for you to cut out and use. If you purchase the emailed PDF version, you can print them out on paper of your choice. If you use a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, they should print up easily without having to resize them at all. There is a one inch marker on each pattern page, just so you will know for sure they are the correct size.


 Note for Custom Doe Suede Bodies

If you are interested in purchasing ready to assemble doe suede bodies, I have fellow dolly friends who also uses all of my patterns who will be taking over some of my orders, so please feel free to contact them. I have provided their email addresses below. :) I will be adding more seamstresses to this list as time goes on, so please check back often.


United States 

Janie Lenox -

Lorraine Thompson Wells - 


United Kingdom

Jayne Graham -

Carol Lunn - Pippin's Nursery - 



Ronda Scott - Tiny Tot's Nursery


Patterns Available

I have tried so many doll bodies from so many different places, but there was always something about every one of them I just didn't care for. They were either too fat, too short, odd shaped or something so.......I decided to make my own body patterns. I have been making these bodies for about 10 years now and I and all of my customers LOVE them. I have body patterns for just about every kit out there so far. I will continue to create patterns for the new kits to the best of my ability. My goal is to keep you coming back for all of your doe suede body pattern needs. :) You can also mix and match the top of one pattern with the bottom of another to customize them for different kits. These patterns will be yours to do with however you please except duplicate my pattern itself.

I have included several pictures in my instructions, so they are a little easier to follow. I have tried to add everything that anyone has asked me about, so I hope everything is covered now. If not, my e-mail address in in the instructions just in case I missed anything. ;)

In the beginning, my patterns always came to you with the pattern pieces already cut out for you, but I have decided to stop doing this. I have many more patterns to offer than I did in the beginning, so it is just too time consuming for me to cut each and every order myself. I am hoping to be able to continue to offer new patterns on a regular basis, so please keep watching for them.

Please also note there is a one inch marker placed on each page with the pattern pieces. This symbol is only used for the PDF emailable version, so my customers can be confident that each page prints up the correct size. I have never had a problem with them not printing up correctly, but I wanted your mind to be at ease. Just disregard this symbol if you are purchasing the printed version.

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Pattern Package #1


What's Included....

Pattern Package #1 comes in 4 different sizes ranging from 14 inches to 22 inches. It also includes detailed instructions with lots of pictures. This body pattern is very similar to the older original bodies that use to come with Adrie Stoete's reborn kits, except this one has more natural curves and is not as "boxy". It can be used for just about any doll kit that has 3/4 arms and legs, as long as the legs are not overly short between the knee and the ridge where the cable tie goes. I have personally used this design for many kits sculpted by Adrie Stoete, Denise Pratt, Romie Strydom, Michelle Fagan, Laura Lee Eagles and many more. This design has openings for the legs placed in the front, instead of jointed hip caps. Also, because of the way it is made, there is a lot more range of motion than any other body with the legs attached in the front. 

See gallery below for more pictures....

Pattern Package #2


What's Included....

Pattern package #2 comes in several sizes of fully jointed 3/4 limb and 1/4 limb bodies ranging from 8 inches to 22 inches. It also includes instructions with plenty of pictures to help you along. This pattern packages includes sizes to make bodies for 3/4 limbed kits in sizes 21-22", 19-20", 17-18", 14-16", 12-13", 10" and 8". It also includes sizes to make bodies for 1/4 limbed kits in sizes 21-22", 19-20" and 17-18" as well as parts to make full leg caps for kits such as Donna Rubert's Sugar and Honey and Reva Schick's Ariella, Rebecca, Joshua and Sabrina.

See Gallery below for more pictures....

Pattern Package #3


What's Included....

Pattern Package #3 is designed to make bodies to fit doll kits with true full arms and legs, where the shoulder and hip are made into the vinyl. The legs must be sculpted at an angle at the hip. It contains sizes to fit 28" Arianna/Tatianna Schick, 24.5" Grayson Arcello, 23" Sharlamae Brown (also Grace Kewy), 20" Lincoln Eagles, 19-20" Saoirse Brown, 19" Reese Arcello (also Freya Kewy), 17" Mavie/Julie Wosnjuk (also Charlie/Maya Auer), 16.5" Merideth Brown and 16-18" Brayden Russell (also Heavenly Russell). They are designed with a gathered chest and tushy with non-jointed true full arms and legs. I have included several pictures in my instructions so they are a little easier to follow. 

See gallery below for more pictures....

Pattern Package #4


What's Included....

Pattern Package #4 is designed to make bodies to fit doll kits with full arms and full legs that are cut straight across at the thigh like a 3/4 leg. Both the arms and legs are non-jointed so you don't have to deal with the huge caps sticking out on the sides of the body. This pattern includes sizes to make bodies for 23" Lucy Kewy, 21" Jack Kewy, 20" Sweet Carolina Winters, 18-19" Paige/Lane/Leah White (also fits Bella Arcello, Everleigh Eagles, Liam Kazmierczak, Amrie Hess, etc), 17" Ryan Scholl (also fits Clara/Cambrie Morgan and Liberty/Harmony Eagles), 16" Camden/Corbin Lee and 10" Quinn Yarie. I have included several pictures in my instructions so they are a little easier to follow.

See gallery below for more pictures....